Date: 8 Nov - 27 Jan 2019

1. Block 823 Woodlands St 81
2. Woodlands Stadium
3. Woodlands Waterfront Park
4. Admiralty Park
While a place is defined by its historical and cultural identity, and a space can emerge when a physical area is imbued with social meanings, home is created when place and space meet – it is a habitat for humanity associated with a piece of soul.

Drawing from this concept, Placing Home: Woodlands presents 5 artworks in the neighbourhood that invite all to look at our surroundings with a fresh perspective and ask questions about the world in which we live.
A commission by the National Arts Council’s Public Art Trust.

Dr Wang Ruobing (Singapore) is an artist and curator who currently teaches at the LASALLE College of the Arts. Her research examines questions of identity, hybridity and transcultural discourses with a focus on contemporary art in China and Southeast Asia.

Chiew Sien Kuan (Singapore)
Woodlands Waterfront Park (next to park entrance)
The Hiding Place is a pop-up shelter made of used furniture, inspired by the idea of a selfcontained and mobile shepherd hut.

Nhawfal Juma’at (Singapore)
Woodlands Waterfront Park (next to playground)
In This Space I Will Find You consists of mirrored columns surrounding a central pavilion, its shifting reflections a reminder that ‘home’ is always a work in progress.

Eko Prawoto (Indonesia)
Admiralty Park (Grass lawn near South Entrance)
Stardust consists of several large bamboo structures that create atmospheric communal spaces for park users.

Kayleigh Goh (Malaysia)
Block 823 Woodlands St 82
Just Another Paralleled Day is a site-specific installation that reflects the artist’s experience of living between two cities, Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Michael Lee (Singapore)
Woodlands Stadium
How Are Things is an anamorphic installation that transforms the 2000-seater grandstand of Woodlands Stadium into an enormous greeting.