17 Nov - Admiralty Park
18 Nov - Fu Shan Garden
24 Nov - Woodlands Crescent Park
25 Nov - Woodlands Waterfront Park

Programme Schedule:
5pm - Fringe Activities
6pm - 1st Performance
7.30pm - 2nd Performance
Follow the journey of the Rubbish Prince, a 3.5-metre tall puppet made up of clean recyclables. Given a new lease of life from the recycling process, he leaps back into the neighbourhood accompanied by some of his best friends. Join them on their quest to rescue a fellow puppet character from the effects of non-recyclable waste!

This contemporary outdoor performance ignites and stretches imaginations beyond the ordinary. Through collective upcycling efforts of various community partners in putting this production together, The Rubbish Prince is an allegory to the relationship we have with the materials that we consume and discard daily.
Come participate in the pre-show art installation activity and immerse in the interactive show with eye-catching puppets and mesmerising music. Join us for a whimsical journey - perfect for families and kids - that magically transforms the public spaces in your neighbourhood.

A commission for Arts in Your Neighbourhood.

Produced by 3Pumpkins, an arts company that endeavours to push boundaries in participatory and socially engaged art practices, the work is conceived by theatre director-writer-actor and media personality, Danny Yeo, and writer, Yuun. Directing the show with Danny is Ong Kian Sin, co-founder of The Finger Players, who also designs and constructs the larger-than-life size puppets. As a non-verbal performance, The Rubbish Prince is largely narrated through the musical score composed by multifaceted composer, Phang Kok Jun.
Our community partners include Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay, Carecorner Family Service Centre (Woodlands), NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Kampung Admiralty), NTUC Health Silver Circle (Marsiling), Woodlands Care Home, and Woodlands RC Zone 1-3.