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Arts in Your Neighbourhood

Arts in Your Neighbourhood is an initiative of the National Arts Council that aims to provide enriching arts experiences for everyone at their doorsteps, and consists of interactive arts programmes by established artists and arts groups held at various spaces across the island, supported by the NAC-Exxonmobil Concerts in the Parks.
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Silver Arts

Silver Arts advocates the meaningful possibilities seniors have in the arts. Organised by the National Arts Council since 2012, Silver Arts is an annual festival that collaborates with artists, arts organisations and community partners to integrate the arts into the lifestyles of seniors. From performances to workshops, seniors can showcase their creative talents through co-created content or learn a new skill, enhancing their overall well-being. The festival offers opportunities for seniors to share their stories that shape our collective memories, and forge stronger inter-generational understanding.
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ArtReach is an initiative of the National Arts Council to promote arts access to underserved communities for wellness, intervention and rehabilitation.
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Arts & Culture Nodes

The National Arts Council’s island-wide network of arts and culture nodes is developed for people to come together to participate in, enjoy, and experience the value of the arts in their neighbourhood. A national garden and premier horticultural attraction for all to own, enjoy and cherish